Grinkle, an Imp, is the antagonist of the story, Alice (Novelette).

Grinkle is mischievous loves to perform illusions. He is capable of transformation magic, but he isn't exactly very powerful.

History Edit

  • Grinkle fell in love with a nymph, Miranda. At the time of their meeting, Miranda was struggling with her powers which the nymphs branded as "evil." Grinkle, being branded as naturally evil because of being an imp, helped Miranda accept her powers. When Miranda finally accepted her powers, she grew horns which made her fellow nymphs scared. Afraid that she has truly become evil, Miranda's sister, Morgana, banished her. Miranda became depressed and eventually blamed Grinkle for "making her that way." She ran away and left Grinkle, telling him that loving him was a mistake and a nymph should never love a hideous creature like an imp.
  • Grinkle remained in love with Miranda, but her words cut deep into him. Disappointed that their love isn't meant to be while he is a nymph, he seeks for the witch so that he could wish for his appearance to change.
  • Grinkle never reached the witch as the witch's hut was protected by the nymphs that banished Miranda. Also, the witch's hut can only be found by following the trail of floating balls of fire, which imps could never see. After years of waiting, he finally met Alice who can see the trail. At that time, Alice had a lot of questions about her father's abandonment. Grinkle then convinced Alice that the witch has the powers to answer her questions and even wish for her father to come back. Grinkle offered Alice his help to get to the witch's hut which Alice became skeptical of. Grinkle reasoned that he just needed to be somewhere beyond the land of the nymphs. Alice believed him and agreed to journey with him.

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