Marcus is Alice's father, appearing in Alice (Novelette).

Marcus is a traveller and he met Alice's mother, Jocelyn, in one of his travels. He asked Jocelyn to fix the Mantle of Illusion he was carrying.

Marcus and Jocelyn fell in love and eventually Jocelyn got pregnant. He immediately left the day after he knew of the pregnancy. Before leaving, he left a necklace for Alice.

He never showed up to Jocelyn or Alice ever again.

Unpublished Facts Edit

  • Marcus is actually a descendant of the Keepers of the Fire and he is being hunted down by the Dark Descendants.
  • He needed to keep on moving to prevent him from being discovered by the Dark Descendants. The Mantle of Illusion helped him hide.
  • The real reason that he left Alice was that he didn't want the Dark Descendants to know that he had a daughter. He left so that they won't hunt Alice.

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